Monday, October 10, 2011

Tables, corners, shelfs, places of creativity

Parts of my home. Hope you enjoy to see what it looks like at LaWendula’s.

January 2010

July 2010
Svea bemalt Steine

August 2010
Lesen, stricken, Tee trinken

Art stuff

September 2010
Aunt Mary

December 2010
Books and salad

January 2011
Stone, wood, feather

February 2011
Frühstück am Schreibtisch

March 2011

Studio today 4

May 2011
Studio wall 1

July 2011
Studio Corner 1

October 2011
On my desk October 2011


  1. A creative buzz in every corner of your house! I would feel very happy in your home.... and I caught a glimpse of my favourite SARK.

  2. you had very creativity place

  3. Incidental still life, creative spaces, artistic implements snippets of wisdom - all create a space of artistic flow and warmth. A place in which to thrive. Your daughter is surrounded by energy from various muses. wonderful!

  4. looks like a fabulous life! Lucky little one to have such a creative home, and talented you to create it for her!!

  5. Thanks for sharing the creative corners of your home! It looks like you have some wonderful spaces for your art-making.

  6. That was fun! Thanks for the peek into your home.

  7. I must be a bit of a voyeur... love checking out other peep's homes. Creativity galore here. Artists collect such interesting stuff.

  8. What stunning vignettes. I can see there is inspiration to be found in every corner of your home.

  9. Inspiring vignettes!! I have a box of drawers, just like the one you showed in the 2nd March photo!!!


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