Saturday, February 8, 2014

The (old) Box

Did you know that the German expression for "old bat" (meaning an old woman) is "old box"= alte Schachtel?

Funny, huh? But I have always been an old box, I loved boxes, tins and packages since I was a small child.

Now I have a fav box, I use for gathering collage materials of all kinds.

The box 20.9.13

Gathering material for more collages

Collage Box 18.9.13

Boxes, papers, photos

Box 21.9.13

The box 30.9.13

Box 1.10.13

A day in the life (Box)

Boxes in boxes in a box

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter days and Collage art

 Winter Walk 4

 Kalte Pfötchen, kalte Pfötchen, kalte....

It's a very mild winter here this year. But still enough indoor time for making collages all day long.

On my desk today


4 cards

I've made a lot of bookmarks recently.


And three more 2

Bookmarks and cards 1

My ubiquitous companion is a lovely tortoise cat, named Eule (owl).
Liebe Eule, woran denkst du?


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