Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy world book day!

Happy world book day 2011

World Book Day!

I love books. I always did. And I always will do.
They accompained me through good and bad days, through all phases in my life, I can't remember a single time in my life when I did not read.
I love reading in bed, when it's raining outside. I love reading outside in the garden or on the upper deck of a London bus.
I love book stores and the smell of books.
Karl Lagerfeld is about to create a perfume with the smell of books!

Books can change a life. Books make the difference.

I am very happy to live in a country where books are lovely made, good quality and not too expensive.

So if you want to exchange a paperback with some-one in another country, why not signing up for the "paperback swap". Please send me an e-mail to

Please click on pic to see credits! Thanks.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I am sad (and angry)

I am sad and angry!
In recent times there is too much trouble with people signing up for projects and then never show up again, so that others send something out and will never get anything back.
Although most of you are doing a very great job, these "black sheep" spoil everything.

And one of those has now ruined the collage box #2 project. She keeps the box since weeks, she is not sending it on and she does not answer to any e-mails. (But she is blogging!) She does not send out anything to her swap partner too.
And there is nothing I can do!

All for all this I do, I am called a liar! Me! I can't believe it, it really takes my breath away. I will not write an answer to that. And of course it's completely unfair, because I have to do all this in a foreign language.

It's much work and much time I spend with doing these swaps and round robins. I am doing it, because I believe in the magic of networks and communication. But something went wrong somewhere. And that makes me really sad.

For all those of you who are in Collage box #2 and will not receive it now, I will start a new one in fall 2011. I will inform you via e-mail, when it gets started.

Thanks to all of you who've sent me kind words via e-mail and who understand this.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The ephemera quap

For all those of you, who want a fine, quick, tiny swap in between, I now proudly present:

The ephemera quick swap= quap.

Ephemera Quap

It’s for all those who love the bits and bites of stuff for journaling, scrapbooking, collaging or mixed media arts.

Please sign in NOW (due day will be soon, April, 15)

And this is how it goes:
The first one on the list will receive an envelope full of ephemera from me. She or he now fills up an (normal letter!) envelope with ephemera herself and sends it on to the next one on the list and so on.

Depending on how many will sign up, I may devide the whole thing in three groups (according to the place you live in):
Australia (&world)

Please sign up with your mailing adress via e-mail to

Hope you have fun! Any questions? Feel free to ask!
Please consider: only the small envelope (up to 8 inches long and 4 ½ high), not a big one!

PS: You can of course join the other paper swaps too!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paper Swap News

So the gates have closed for the April Swap, thank you everyone who has come to play along.
E-mails with all informations are on the way!

Paperback Swap
And we're heading for a new swap in May, a special one: the paperback swap.
It can be your favorite novel, a book with poems or just any other book you like and you want to share with someone. It also can be your own book, if you have published one. (Zines are also possible)
It does not have to be a new one, but it has to be in a good condition.
Please write a few words, why you like this book.

You can sign up now, it will start on May, 2 2011.
If you do, please let me know, if you want to receive a paper back only in English or if you may like one in another language.
If possible, I will consider this.

You can sign in now:

And for all participants of the March Swap "The Scavenger hunt": Please give me feedback, send me pictures of the exchanged items or your blogposting about it.
I really want to know, how was it going? Was it hard to do? Was it fun?


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