Friday, December 28, 2012

New collage journal pages

12 wtj flow

12 wtj timeless destination

12 wtj swing12 wtj Zeit der

12 wtj and fare you

12 wtj

12 wtj time to

12 wtj yes

12 wtj Liebhaber des

Thanks for looking! Wishing you all a great holiday season and a wonderful new year! xo

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wintergreetings from Northern Germany

Winter at last. We have early snow and very frosty days.
Winter's morning elegance

The sunrise colours are rich with beauty, when it's very cold and clear here. I cannot get enough of that sight.

Even Snoepje seems to say: Brrrrr....

Robin with snow beak

Some birds are staying here, the others have long gone south. It's always nice to see the lovely red breast of Robin or the sweet speckled feathers of the trush.

Thrush in snow

I stay inside with my warm oven, cracking fire wood, hot tea, good music and making mini books and other collages.

 2 Minibooks
"An gemütlichen Wintertagen" = "On cozy winterdays".

2 Minibooks

Fly (Mini Book making)

Noch mal 2 (1)

Noch mal 2 (2)

 Tamtam 3

Tamtam 4

 Mini book Quest 1

 Mini book Quest 3

I wish you all a lovely winter season (or for my friends from down-under: summer!), have fun, enjoy the magic of that time, take a deep breath, enjoy a hot tea or soup, the snow and the silence that follows after snowfall,

xox FM


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