Monday, January 31, 2011

My erosion bundle

Vorbereitungen für Erosion Bundles
It was in January 2010 when I started my erosion bundle, a project invented by Kris Henderson.
Erosion bundle in the tree 2
I decided to play it bit longer than usual and left the bundle on the tree for one year and one month.
I fell off to the ground during a winter snow storm and was covered with snow for a few weeks.
Erosion bundle found
And then my daughter has found it and so we opened it.
Erosion bundle closeup
Erosion bundle inside1
Erosion bundle inside 2

Because it was wrapped in felt, it was all in a very good condition. Let’s see what I will make of it, I’m not sure yet. Erosion bundle leftovers

But this is for sure: I will try another bundle soon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paper Swap (Past and future)

I am looking back on more than a year paper swaping all around the world! It all started in fall 2009, when I wanted to make a project, that was both simple and thrilling. And I thought, it must be nice to exchange papers with people from other countries, because something most artists have in common is that they need paper, the basic for all kind of creativity.
And it worked out fine, people were (are!) generous, made contact, exchanged in huge amounts, some have won friends for a lifetime, some have come out of the closet, some have been in it only once, some became real paper swap addicts. And they all did a very good job!

So here we are with our paper swap #14 to come!
And this is a look back on the past swaps.

It was:

Paper Swap in October 2009
Tags in November 2009
Cards in January 2010
paper Swap Cards Alice
Crazy Swap in February 2010
ABC and numbers in March
Mini Books in April
Paper Swap April
Colors in May
Art failures in June
Then we had a summer break
Vintage in September
paper swap vintage1
Embellishment in October
Mail and postage in November
Wrapping and boxes in December
Fresh start in January 2011
And the next will be Magazines and newspapers in February

Followed by

Scavenger hunt (a very special one) on March, 7 2011

Scripts & Scribbles: doodles, scribbles, lettering, handwriting on April, 4 2011

Paper back swap (another special one) in May 2011

Culture and events (flyers, (event-)postcards, brochures, guides, invitations etc.) in June 2011

Juli/August: Paper Swap holiday (no swaps during that time)

In September 2011: Wild at art (express yourself on paper without censoring)

In October 2011: Every day papers (collect your every day stuff: grocery lists, bills, receits)

In November 2011: Circles, spots and dots

And December 2011: Signs, pictogramms, symbols

(Changes may be likely)

And if YOU want to be a part of it, just sign in at

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The collage box has landed!

The Collage Box
It’s done, the collage box #1 has arrived safe and sound at my home again.

Do you remember? It was in February 2010 when I sent a box with 144 snippets all around the world to 28 different participants. It went from Germany to Poland, then to the Netherlands, France, the UK, flew over to USA, travelled through different states there and landed in Canada, then take another flight over to Australia (got stuck there, but not lost!) and travelled to New Zealand and arrived here at my home yesterday.
This is what I have sent at the beginning:
Inhalt der Collage Box 1
Inhalt 2
Inhalt 3

And here are the things what were in the box at the end, when it came back from Lisa (New Zealand), 220 items!!!
The collage box 1 (what has come back)

And this is what is left from the original snippets I have sent:

Inside was a little „sign in“ book, and all participants made this a real object of art too!
Sign in 2
Sign in 1
Sign in 3
Sign in 4

So a big thankyou goes out to everyone, who has been a part of this project, you really made this a wonderful experience with sending it on so quickly (and ignoring the high costs some of you had!) and filling it up with such lovely treasures!
Thank you Imke, Mosi, Anne, Eliza, Lien, Carine, Jill, Judy, Seth, Deb, Laura, Tammy, Pat, Kavindra, Patty, Joy, Mary-Jo, Lois, Kay, Candy, Janet, Shelley, Brandi, Robert, Lee, Sue, Jacky and Lisa.
To give you something back in return, I have used a random calculator to choose a number from all the participants. And it’s #10=Deb Eck from the USA who has won a little price: 144 items from the collage box and some papers for more collages and artwork to do! Hope you will enjoy!

You can read more about the whole project on my (old) blog.

And I would like to show your work, your collages, what has become of it. Please send me your pictures or bloglinks (if you haven’t done it yet). I really appreciate.

Ongoing are still Box #2 and #3. And maybe there will be a #4 in the future. One never knows....

Monday, January 3, 2011

The next paper swap

Hi everyone!

A very happy and artful new year!

Please join in the next paper swap. The theme is: magazines, newspaper, flyer, ads, announcements.

Paper Swap Febr 2011

Just send me an e-mail!

Best from LaWendula


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