Monday, October 17, 2011


This is a small book, I've made in 1990, using a story I have written in 1989.
"Taumel" means "stagger".
It's about a young woman who loves to walk on roofs at night and has the dream to spread her wings and fly on day. There is a man she knows, who told her he had tried and it just worked out fine. But she does not dare to do it. When she has nearly given up, he suddenly appears on the roof from his nightflight, lands near her, takes her hand and together they fly into the night.

Taumel Cover

Taumel Innen1

I have used Gouache colors and colored ink for this book. It's written on white paper. Then I went to the copy shop and made inverted copies of it, so the white turns into black and gives this book the night flair I wanted to have in it.
And the light green ink I used, turning into red...

Taumel innen 2

I have found it today in an old box under my bed.

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  1. Very cool!! I like the way you turned the white pages to black.


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