Friday, September 30, 2011

Two collage mini books for a friend

This one was a present for him.

Another one

CMB Nachträume 1

CMB Nachträume 2

CMB Nachträume 3

CMB Nachträume 4

And this one was an ordering from him.

CMB Turnerstyle 1

CMB Turnerstyle 2

CMB Turnerstyle 3

CMB Turnerstyle 4

Stay tuned! I am planning a whole series of 12 monthly mini collage books called „Invisible letters to Max“. Start: October, 22.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

September's Mosaics

Every Monday and every Thursday I am making a mosaic from Flickr pictures.
Here are the ones for September! Enjoy!
TILT: September's here again

Scented dreams from hidden gardens

TILT 8.9.11

Take a look!

TILT 15.9.11

Preparations for a journey (into autumn)

TILT 22.9.11

I love the way you stir up my weird mind

TILT 29.9.11

Please click on the pix to see credits-thx!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Collage Mini Book in green and blue

We have lovely sunny weather and I am working in the garden most of the time.
Garden Studio September

CMB 26.9.11

Some close-ups:
New art closeup 1

New art closeup 2

New art closeup 3

New art closeup 4

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oakey and doakey

I like to change things often, but I somehow stick to that size and style.

CMB From the sea Cover

CMB From the sea 2

CMB From the sea 3

CMB From the sea 4

But this is new. Reminds me of body paintings. Not too sure, if I really like it.
Today's work (unfinished)

I also made some more Art notebooks.
New Mini Art Books (the whole lot)
All handstamped.
Numbering pages

New Mini Art Books (detail)

And you may have asked: how is Svea doing?
She is fine. This is her favorite tree and her favorite place to dwell with Loana her favorite dog.
Mein Freund der Baum
There are lots of things a child can do with acorns. Carving for instance.
Svea's oak art
We called them oakey and doakey.
Svea's oak art 2
An emoticon of the stone age.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seth's stacks day and LaWendula's bags day

September, 21 and Seth from the altered page came up with the lovely idea of posting a picture of some paper stacks.

Here are mine:
Pages, pages, pages
These are my "wreck this journals", I have made 8 of them in two years (working on #9 now).
Of course I am not following the rules inside the books when doing it now, but I use them as my "safe playground" for doing art without any purpose. They are the perfect gift for my inner child, that just loves to play. Everything is possible in them and they are filled to the brim with papers, scraps, cuttings, colours, dried flowers, found things and memories.
All 8

You can read more about Seth's idea on his blog.


And it's also bag day!
Do you remember? It was on September, 21 2009 when I started my first international project "One tribe-one (he)art" with 12 bags and 12 people and 12 artful prayers for world peace.
The bags hang in the great tree in my garden, exposed to the elements, through winter snow and summer sun, rain in spring, stormy nights in autumn.
OTOH November 1
Now the bags are on the tree for two years and most of them are now loosing the fight against the elements. But I like the decay, so the wind can carry their prayers far...
OTOH after 2 years
OTOH after 2 years Efrat and Bev
OTOH after 2 years Lisa and Lumi
It's some Buddhistic thought about it, that even if things decline, their spirits are still there and the wind will carry them far.
It teaches me one of life's most important lessons, to let go....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Art has healing powers

It's so lovely what Patty from Magpie's nest has done with one of my mini art books.
And what a lovely coincidence, that my sending with German scraps and pieces has reached her just now in mourning about the loss of her dear mother (Mutti).
So it was a healing journal journey for Patty. And for me a heart-warming moment.

Please read the whole posting here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

From French flee markets to Mini Collage Books

My dear friend Eltoile-filante, half Switzerland, half Swedish, now living en Bretagne in France has taken the opportunity to browse on some French flee markets for me and sent me such lovely finds of old school books with the most delightful drawings in it and old photos and postcards, vine labels and other treasures.
Shooting star on the flee market
Ok, I am making my little collage books anyway, as you know, but with fresh material it is even more fun!

This is the new one. I love those colored flower pictures from the French Science Book.
Collage Mini Book Sweetheart
Collage Mini Book Sweetheart 2
Collage Mini Book Sweetheart 3
I used some parts of French love poetry in this artwork.
Collage Mini Book Sweetheart 4
"I say the words, always the same,
but I love you! I love you!
I love you, do you understand?"
Collage Mini Book Sweetheart 5

And this morning started with a sold book on my Etsy store! Great happiness. I hope „Sun and moon“ will bring joy to the lady who will receive this.

Talking about Etsy, there will be something totally new: The Collage Art Book on demand! A mini book made by made just for you. Your wish is my command.

Thanks for looking!


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