Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Stack of Mini Books

Talking about stacks, do you remember Seth's post from a few days ago?
I have made 23 Collage Mini books by now!
Here are some of them:
CMB Stack
The others have travelled round the world, some are in France, one in England, one in NYC, one in the Netherlands.
And some in Germany.

Don't know when this phase will end, but no end in sight by now. So I am busy again.
I'm working

Here is the latest one. It's called "Dissolution".

CMB  Dissolution Cover

CMB Dissolution 1

CMB Dissolution 2

CMB Dissolution 3

CMB Dissolution 4

CMB Dissolution 5

CMB Dissolution 6

CMB Dissolution 7


  1. wow. thats a big collection of mini books.
    all beautiful too.
    love your stuff. mini albums

  2. I can imagine how fun these are to make. I don't know if you have shared this information before, but could you tell us the dimensions of the books, and how many pages they usually have? Just curious! I love your work.

  3. Sure Andria, they have always 12 pages in the size
    5.8 to 4.3 inches.
    And some of them are for sale:

    Thanks for your interest.

  4. Your creativity is so inspiring...Love this post!
    Happy Weekend to you and yours

  5. I love these mini books, you inspired me to try just letting loose and making one!


So glad to hear from you!


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