Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Invisible letters to Max 1/12

This is my new art project. It all started with my friend Max, who is something like my male muse, he told me, if he could afford it, he would buy one of my collage books every month.
So I invented this as an art project. He will get the mini books, one every month and I will send him hunting for new material all over Cologne (unfortunately he does not live in Cornwall).
So what you see here is the first of twelve, there will be one "invisible letter" every month.

Invisible letters 1 Cover

Invisible letters 1 2

Invisible letters 1 3

Invisible letters 1 4

Invisible letters 1 5

Invisible letters 1 6

Invisible letters 1 7

Invisible letters 1 8

Thank you Max for inspiring me!


  1. how fun for both of you! i could look at these pages for hours - so much intrigue on each one.

  2. What a great idea!! And how lucky is Max!!!!!!!!!Love this little book, and the teapot on the cover!

  3. Awesome collages, can't imagine the joy of getting those in the mail. Lucky guy!

  4. Now THAT'S a project from the heart. Beautiful work with a great deal of thought behind it.

  5. And again a wonderful project. Your imagination is endless!

  6. Max is so lucky! I love your work


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