Sunday, March 27, 2011

The flow of creativity

I am ever so thankful for all the teasures from paper swaps.
I love to browse through my paper stacks from all over the world and use bits and bites here and there in my collages.

Vintage things

My daughter and I had a crafty sunday yesterday, our studio was filled with sun and creativity and that's a wonderful feeling.
On Svea's desk
Child at work

Svea now makes her collages with more consciousness. This piece is called "the mother" and she refers to the fact, that I am sometimes a little bit over-protecting, that's why she calls me "mother of sorrows".
Die Mutter

I love what one can do with tea, ink and old letterpress stamps.
Dyeing and stamping
8 wtj zuhause/home

I am still doing a "wtj" ("wreck this journal"). This is #8. To work in a wtj just gives me the feeling to play, to take it easy, to loose myself in a creativity flow without censoring.
8 wtj who knows
8 wtj leaves and other things
8 wtj something in paint
8 wtj scratch

Talking about paper swap: last call for the April swap, who wants to join?! Just send me an e-mail!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shades of brown, signs of decay

Did some photographing in my garden today, I love all these shades of brown, light green and papergrey there are.

Garden Wabi Sabi 10

Garden Wabi Sabi 8

Garden Wabi Sabi 3

Garden Wabi Sabi 1

Garden Wabi Sabi5

Garden Wabi Sabi 12

Decay everywhere, but who cares. Perfection is boring. Wabi Sabi is inspiring.
Garden Wabi Sabi 11

Garden Wabi Sabi 9

The Wabi Sabi Garden: shades of brown, signs of decay

Nature tones

8 wtj Grrr...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A book to become ONE with

About a week ago I found a picture on Flickr, showing a book.
I did not know the book, but in some strange way I had the feeling, I must found out, what it is about.
I could only read „One- living and loving it“ and I googled it.
So I found out, it’s an Australian book and unfortunately not available in Germany. I asked, but no way to buy it from here.
My bibliophil instinct told me, that I MUST have it, although I did not really know, what it’s about. Well, internet is a great thing, if you want to find out what it’s all about and so I looked for the author: Victoria Alexander, found her blog and left her a message.
And she was e-mailing me straight back. Very nice!
Later that day, I really was amazed by another e-mail, coming from Scott White, the sales director of Murdoch publishing in Sydney (where „One“ has been published), he told me, that I will be able to order „One“ soon from and we had a lovely e-mail chat about this and that during that day.
And once again, I thought: „How nice Australian people are!“ (Everybody says so and they are right.)
And yesterday was the day: I’ve got my copy of „One“ and it really took my breath away.
One titel
This is the most beautiful book, I have ever seen! It talks to all senses, it’s a real tactile blowoff, an eye candy, speaking in a voice that comes from the heart, it has lovely little secrets (like that little bag at the end or some hidden messages in envelopes inside), it has an unusual design (e.g. pages with a wavy cut), lovely layered pictures etc.. The more I browsed through, the more I became pleased with my purchase.
One 2
One 1
One 3
And the topic? It’s about being „one“, being one with yourself, finding out who you really are, not letting anybody tell you, that you are an unfinished half without a partner at your side. It’s also about the world and its people being one. In fact that’s what I always feel about the internet, this was invented to connect people, to make this planet a lovely neighbourhood, to become „one“.
This book has also given me a break from watching the shocking news about the Japanese earthquake and worrying about having another Tschernobyl in the world. And I am grateful for that.

So I want to say thank you Victoria, you really have done a great job and I love the way you put the pictures together and the way you are writing.
And I want to say thank you Scott for leading me to purchase it, Murdoch publishing made this a real gem! And I hope, one day it will be translated into German, because we Germans are great book lovers and I know this will be a real success here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On moor, sheep, wool and yarn

Northern Germany, Friesland and Ostfriesland has got lovely moor areas.

And a lovely local sheep breed: Ostfriesisches Milchschaf.

With a lovely wool.

Wool like a painting
I added linen, colored merino and gotland sheep wool to it. Doesn't it look like a painting?
I made this homespun yarn out of it.

It's now available at my Etsy shop. Please take a look.

Photo of the sheep by EwigLernender.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paper Swap in April

Paper Swap april 2011

You can sign in now:

I hope YOU will be in!


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