Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy memories of a bluestocking (in the making)

I have got this photoalbum from 1919. Three women with male names make me want to bring them into my collages.
Jack, Billy and Bob

It's Jack's turn now. I found she had the perfect look of a "bluestocking", I don't know if this word is still in use. In Germany it's just the same "Blaustrumpf", an educated woman, a woman who puts learning and knowlegde first.
A new one is about to begin
Based on vintage school books (always a good grounding) the book develops itself. The title came very immediately, when I looked at Jack's picture for a while.
So I was working my way up. No real intentions, only going with the flow.
The work goes on
The sepia ink is such a nice thing to work with.
Working through a rainy day
It's a rainy day and it's nice to stay inside, listen to good music and just puzzle around with the scraps and cuttings.
Two pages nearly done 1
The first two (double)pages are nearly done.
Two pages nearly done 2

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miss Leah Jodd's companion

This is another Etsyfind bought to use in my collages. Well, I never learn. When I hold this in my hand, I feel this is a world of its own, something which once was the companion of a young girl or a woman and I cannot tear it to pieces.
Old Webster 1

Old Webster 2
Miss Leah Jodd must have been obsessed with the number 568, it's written all over in the book. Was it her darling's telephone number?
Nice to see, that her child later has used this book for some scribbles.
Old Webster 3
Old Webster 4
Time has turned this book into a work of art.
Old Webster 5
And it's also filled with so much usefull informations like how to write a letter, antidotes for poison, health hints, safety rules for pedestrians, Etiquette, even golden rules of sociability:
"Do you best and rejoice with him who can do better."
"Thank God for every uplifting wave..."
I love it! Miss Leah Jodd, wherever you are now, it's in good hands. ;)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wild nights! Another Collage Mini Book

It all started with an owl, a baby and a Emily Dickinson poem.

Mini Collage Book Wild nights Cover

It took many hours of music, tea and joyful relaxation to do this. And it really made me happy.

Mini Collage Book Wild nights 1
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 2
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 3
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 4
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 5
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 6
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 7
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 8
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 9
Mini Collage Book Wild nights 10
Mini Collage Book Wild nights back

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Note books and mini books

Mini Art Note books

Little notebooks made from a magazine about work space interior. You just need Gesso and watercolors to do that.

Mini Art Note book inside1

More Mini Book Art 1

More Mini Book Art 2

And more collages...

Collage Mini Book 9

Collage Mini Book 9 A

Collage Mini Book 9 B

Work in the box

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Art is long, life is short

The secret of art is: make as much as you can. Even if it all seems to be nonsense, good for nothing, not new at all, carry on.
It's never too late for a happy childhood! ;) And: Everybody's got the right to make a fool of him/herself!

Small envelope

Experiment Mini Book 1

Experiment Mini Book 2

Experiment Mini Book 3

Experiment Mini Book 4

Because I don't want to use the original, I started with copies, but it's not the same.
Collage Mini Book 8 Cover

Collage Mini Book 8 middle 1
I love that "Sepia" und "Walnut stain" ink, I am using, it makes the paper look really old.

Collage Mini Book 8 middle 2
Isn't that a great sentence? Art is long, life is short.

My friend Videbitis works in a library, he's sent me tons of old library cards and as a "thankyou" I made this little "Nonsense"-Book called "good for nothing" from these cards, it was great fun.
Nixnutz Büchlein Seite 2+3

Nixnutz Büchlein Seite 12+13

Nixnutz Büchlein Seite 14+15


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