Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last day of February

Oh spring come nearer! This is the last day of February.
Like always I am shifting between kitchen and desk with creativity as my companion.
Ginger & Flowersalt
Cooking is always having a photo eye on the beauty of the ingredients.

Try this one: Black bean paste
Black bean paste

150g schwarze Bohnen/ black beans
1 grosse Zwiebel/ big onion
1-2 Zehen Knofi/ cloves of garlic
Etwas Chili & sonstige Lieblingsgewuerze/chili and other fav herbs and spices
1 EL Ahornsirup/ 1 tbsp maple syrup
1 EL Tomatenmark/ 1 tbsp tomato purée
1 EL Olivenoel/ 1 tbsp olive oil

Soak the beans over night. Cook them with the double amount of water (=300ml). Peel and chop the onion and garlics and fry them in a pan, add the spices. Add the maple syrup and the tomato purée and let it cool down a bit.
Mix the beans and the onions and garlic in a food processor, add the oil and blend it all together.
Fill in a jar and keep it cool.
Makes a lovely bread spread and adds something special to sauces and soups.

Talking of beans and lentils. Don’t you love storing them in old jars of glass?
But what about the “best before…” dates on the package. The lovely numbers rubber stamps I have, gave me this idea:
Best before

Opportunity card

Some new journal pages, yes, I am at it again.
9 wtj the good sea smell
9 wtj good thoughts
9 wtj discover
9 wtj write carelessly

Btw: if you think, eating is a problem and you should be on a diet, watch this to understand what’s it all about.
This makes me sad and angry and although our commercials are not all that obvious, we share the same problems too!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Mosaics in February 2012

Things I love thursdays 2.2.12
TILT 2.2.12

Oh beauty please stay with me
Oh beauty please stay with me

Things I love thursdays 9.2.12
TILT 9.2.12

By the time you were gone, the bird songs lost all their meanings
By the time you were gone, the bird songs lost all their meanings

Things I love thursdays 16.2.12
TILT 16.2.12

Get lost
Get lost

Things I love thursdays 23.2.12
TILT 23.2.12

The day we got married (Art and me)
The day we got married (Art and me)

Mosaics made from Flickr pix, please click for credits.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Days go by...

...with nothing special.

A bit journaling...

9 wtj white

9 wtj- ravens any summer

9 wtj make the journal

9 wtj You need this

I am thinking of lines from a May Sarton poem ("The invocation of Kali"):

Help us to be the always hopeful
Gardeners of the spirit
Who know that without darkness
Nothing comes to birth
As without light
Nothing flowers.

Oh yes, it's hard sometimes to be the always hopeful gardener of the spirit.
And again I am turning to good food to feel grounded.
Toasted Sesam

Another fav

Bread, recycled

And I am ever so grateful for this little house on land, I own for nearly 10 years now.
This is the first time we saw it. It looks different now. But it still has the same peaceful mood I sensed when I visit it for the first time.
10 years ago

And this is Svea in a garp of the area we live in.
Mecklenburger Deern
It was during kindergarten time. (She may not like this one now)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Aware of life

I am so fond of my new Flickr Group "Aware of life".
It's a a group about living life on purpose, celebrating the seasons, making and eating "slow food", getting your hands into the soil, raising kids with mindfullness, listen to nature, greeting life's ups and downs, experiencing that the earth is our Mother, being aware of who you are, seeing the beauty in small things, treasuring the silent moments, being grateful for what you've got.
Aware of life
I just want to show, that there is another kind of life, something most of us long for and there are people who are living it, even if it's only in small moments.
It's an invitation to look beyond the shallow beauty of glossy magazines and TV shows, big noisy cities and the inexorably ticking of the clocks, that keep telling us: "You'll never make'll never make it."

Sometimes people tell me, that my photos show a kind of fairytale world, far from reality, looks like there are no problems....etc.. That's not true. My life is not so easy. But one thing is true: I am aware of life. I live in a calm and peaceful surrounding. I am trying to keep my ecological footsprint small. I am trying to teach my daughter to have reference for life and to see the beauty in small things.
I think now with the changes of 2012 it gets more and more important to take a deep breath and ask yourself: is this life I am living really what comes from the bottom of my heart?

You can see the group's photos here:

If you are on Flickr, just come over and join us!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The poetry of English recipes

The long chilly breath of winter.
Winter garden
My alternative practitioner told me, that in these days you can do nothing better for yourself than to ground. So it's nice to spend days with baking things.
Let's have some more
Providing yourself with good food is the best way to express selflove.
I tried the Gougères by Heidi Swanson for the first time. Just because I find it special to make something with beer in it! And I am happy to say, that they are worth the try, fluffy, tasty, special.

The good thing about reading English recipes is, that once you've learned all the words, it's easy because the same expressions come up again and again.
I had my difficulties with the word food processor first. In my mind there was some kind of strange machine, that American households have without doubt. Something you throw all things in and press a button and then all will be made automatically. But it's what we call Küchenmaschine, simple as that. Prosessor sounds so high-tech.
Sometimes I mix things up like leek and lentils. I was wondering about black leek, asking myself if that is something like black pasta, specially dyed.
The other thing is that I love all the English words around cooking, recipes are like poetry to me. In German it's just vapid stuff, boring imperatives, in English it all sounds like magic.
Seasoning, that makes me dream about the art of adding summerly lemon squashes to a salad or throwing hot chili peppers into a warm soup to make it warming for long winter nights.
Or icing, I always saw little snowflakes falling on a chocolate cake.
I love serves four, it sounds like some kind of magical turning up butler with multiple arms like some Indian deity serves the dishes.
And last not least the expression "book in mint condition" stirs up the image of a lovely cookbook handed over with peppermint garnish to make everything more sensual.
So I ordered some cookbooks to dive into the poetry of English recipes.
I've ordered some cook books
I became very attached to "Plenty", because it's full of vegetarien recipes, that give me the urge to go to the kitchen just by browsing through.
"The real food companion" is by my fav publisher, Murdoch in Australia. They just know how to make beautiful books.
The real food companion
And the author has some statements that are just after my own heart. "The best food is being cooked by people you have never heard of."
Skye Gyngell has an affection for lemons and olive oil, just like me and the books is very beautiful too, but sometimes she is not realistic, e.g. in saying that one should never use dried herbs, only fresh ones.
A year in my kitchen
Nigel Slater really makes me laugh, cause he has the guts to write about opening a can with "Heinz baked beans" and stuff, if he just does not feel like cooking.
In fact they are all worth reading, but the truth is, I cannot keep them all.
While her mother is living out her creative spirits in the kitchen, Svea makes a chalkboard painting on the hallway door, I really love it to bits.
Svea's drawing on our door
She knows, I would love to have a cat again and has drawn one, resting on a bottle. Such fun!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012



I am very grateful these days. Because I have people who are listening to me, who find that my stories are worth telling, they share my thoughts and feelings, share my daily life. Although they may be far away from me, I know they are there.
What would I be without the net, the internet? I don't know...

White Goddesses
Winter goes on, the cold has everything in its grip.
Woolbaskets in snow
But there is so much beauty all around.
Earth tones

When I was a child, eating was a real horror for me. Being something like a natural vegetarian (I never ate meat), landed in a family of meat-worshippers (two Berlins who have hungered in their early childhoods), every lunch was a nightmare for me.
Cooking was so different, when I was a child: mashed potatoes and over-cooked vegetables and meat meat meat. The only spices were salt, pepper, dill and parsley.
Fresh from the oven 2
So glad this has changed now. Discovering what food can be nowadays is a real bliss. I read, that no other nation than the Germans are willing to cook so many dishes from other countries. I read that e.g. the Japanese most of the time eat food their grandparents ate too. But we are eating totally different things now. The "Sauerkraut"-days are gone. Thank Goddess!
I miss cooking and slow food

Food quote

I have founded a new Flickr group "Aware of life", it's about living life on purpose, celebrating the seasons, eating slow food, raising kids, listen to nature, greeting life's ups and downs, being aware of who you are, seeing the beauty in small things.
Maybe you like to browse or better (if you are on Flickr) join in.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Walking the dogs this morning
Winter is here now. We had -23°C last night. This is very cold for Germany. Now it's -16°, but the sun is out and everything looks so enchanting.

Pink and blue
We pretend it is spring in our kitchen.
This is Svea making some tea.
Svea is making tea
And from breakfast we slowly move on to dinner. I tried violet potatoes for the first time. It looks like I am cooking stones.
Cooking stones?
But in the end they make a yummy soufflé.
Lovely potatoe soufflé
I love those violet potatoes

Believe it or not, although lefthanded most of the times, I have made some journaling and collaging and it did cheer me up (as art always does).
9 wtj Now in the garden
9 wtj Metaphors
9 wtj Das Blau unserer Seele
9 wtj 22.1.12


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