Thursday, October 20, 2011

Online Anniversary: A message to my readers

LaWendula MP3

I hope you don't find my English too annoying, it's the first time I have ever done this and not the best sound quality too, but it comes straight from the heart. Thanks for listening!


  1. Thank YOU! How wonderful to hear your voice. I love your accent and certainly don't find anything annoying about this heartfelt audio. In fact I feel very close to you and am so happy to have found you. I too was behind in getting the internet because it is so expensive here in South Africa but now that I have it I don't regret the expense. It is just the most wonderful invention! Without it I wouldn't have met you. Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! Hugs and kisses to you.

  2. happy anniversary! so glad you found a place on the internet. :-) and your accent is delightful - I want to talk like that!

  3. Happy anniversary LaWendula! I just listen to your message and enjoyed it a lot! I discoverd your blog recently and since then i follow it with Google reader , i love your artwork a lot!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. oh my it was lovely to hear your voice... and such a sweet message... it is almost your birthday... I hope you are doing well... happy anniversary and hugs and kisses back...

  5. Happy anniversary! Your message was charming and beautiful. Thank you for all that you share with us around the world.

  6. What a lovely voice, and a lovely message! Happy online anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary, I for one am so glad that you have the www!! Thank you for being part of my global village tribe!! You rock!

  8. SO lovely to hear your sweet voice!
    Your message is beautiful and your English is brilliant!

    I have to say what Deb said:
    Thank you for being you!

  9. Wonderful to hear your voice and get to "meet" you. Your work is sooo inspiring and I thank you so much for orcastrating the Paper Swap. Congratulations on 3 years!!!!


So glad to hear from you!


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