Thursday, September 29, 2011

September's Mosaics

Every Monday and every Thursday I am making a mosaic from Flickr pictures.
Here are the ones for September! Enjoy!
TILT: September's here again

Scented dreams from hidden gardens

TILT 8.9.11

Take a look!

TILT 15.9.11

Preparations for a journey (into autumn)

TILT 22.9.11

I love the way you stir up my weird mind

TILT 29.9.11

Please click on the pix to see credits-thx!


  1. These mosaics are lovely. I always enjoy browsing through your Flickr favourites.

  2. Wow! Amazing photography. And great choice of colour combinations.

  3. Wonderful images, and links. A day's worth of browsing here... thanks :)

  4. Hello, I recently found your blog (sorry, I can't remember the path which brought me here ;) ) am very much enjoying your collages and hadn't heard of wreck this journal before, love it!

    I really love these collages, is there a program you use to make or post these? (or is it a blogger thing?) thx! and thx for posting and inspiring :)

  5. @Vicki
    Thank you for your comment. I use the Flickr mosaic maker to do this. :)

  6. What a lot of great images are here! (By the way, there is a little package in the mail finally on its way to you!!)

  7. Ah so beautiful ... really lovely in every way!

    I am also excited about your 12 mini book project!

  8. LOL of course it's something obvious and easy ;) neat, I didn't know flickr had that! thx :)


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