Sunday, September 18, 2011

Art has healing powers

It's so lovely what Patty from Magpie's nest has done with one of my mini art books.
And what a lovely coincidence, that my sending with German scraps and pieces has reached her just now in mourning about the loss of her dear mother (Mutti).
So it was a healing journal journey for Patty. And for me a heart-warming moment.

Please read the whole posting here.


  1. ah my sweet and tender hearted is as if you knew my heart needed opening to let my angel Mutti flap her wings ... everything you sent spoke to me ... I felt my roots ... my Germaness and went with it...vielen danke!!!

    Hoping the mailman/lady delivers my envelope to you very soon ... mailed it on 30 August ... must be on a slow boat!

    Have I told you that I also admire you for blogging so beautifully in more than one language...I said it before ... must say it again

  2. Loved Magpie's transformation of your book, AND her post about the lovely things you sent.

  3. Thank you for putting Patty's link up - just such a lovely tribute - and seeing your art book pages too was great. Have loved all my swaps this year - and will blog about them soon. Thanks for everything you do for the art swaps.(Sue from Australia - blog profile not working - ugh)


So glad to hear from you!


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