Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oakey and doakey

I like to change things often, but I somehow stick to that size and style.

CMB From the sea Cover

CMB From the sea 2

CMB From the sea 3

CMB From the sea 4

But this is new. Reminds me of body paintings. Not too sure, if I really like it.
Today's work (unfinished)

I also made some more Art notebooks.
New Mini Art Books (the whole lot)
All handstamped.
Numbering pages

New Mini Art Books (detail)

And you may have asked: how is Svea doing?
She is fine. This is her favorite tree and her favorite place to dwell with Loana her favorite dog.
Mein Freund der Baum
There are lots of things a child can do with acorns. Carving for instance.
Svea's oak art
We called them oakey and doakey.
Svea's oak art 2
An emoticon of the stone age.

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