Thursday, September 8, 2011

A new Mini Book is born

Let's see what can be made of this

It all started with a sun and a moon. Whenever I start a new mini book, I am thinking: ok, let's see where this leads to. Because I have no idea. I just let the images find me.
And they are good players, they always do. :)

Mini Collage Book Sun & Moon

Mini Collage Book Sun & Moon 2

Mini Collage Book Sun & Moon 3

Mini Collage Book Sun & Moon 4

Mini Collage Book Sun & Moon 5

This and other mini books are available now on my Etsy-Shop, please check out! Thank you!


  1. what a beautiful book! i just want to jump into it and get lost.

  2. I love this! I can imagine the feel of the paper. Aren't those colors so fabby together! This is just so lovely and inspiring artistically speaking to me! *smiles* Norma

  3. Playing and Creating with no set plan always works out the best for me too...I adore where your muse leads you LaWendula...beautiful artful pages in your magical little books!

    Definitely art from the heART
    Love it!

  4. I just want to reach out and touch it, and work in it, beautiful as usual.

  5. This looks like a very touchable book. Quite wonderful! Images find me, too. I love that!

  6. oh, fantastic- I just love it- so much fun and so many images to explore!

  7. Dear LaWendula of Wee Hours, I just love looking at all your creative efforts! They inspire me. ( I have joined the paper swap too! Am so excited about doing this! ).


So glad to hear from you!


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