Saturday, August 13, 2011

A trip to Berlin Part 1: Prenzlauerberg

Come on with me on a trip to Berlin. I was born there and some times I am travelling back south to see it.
Berlin Kastanienallee

Berlin Art everywhere

This is Prenzlauerberg, a district in the former eastern part of town. Now it’s young, trendy, full of art. Or vandalism? Or art?!?

Berlin Graffititor

Berlin Kastanienallee 2
Capitalism kills, destroys, normalizes.

Berlin Kastanienallee 3

Art and politics, self made life, raising children, going to the wholefood store, sitting in a café...

Berlin Kastanienallee 4

Kitsch, art and a bit of nature, as it should be.

Berlin Kastanienallee 5

Berlin Kastanienallee 6
Love the book postcard: "My life" is written on it.

Berlin Kastanienallee 8

Berlin Schönhauserallee
Schönhauser Allee. Now I am driving from Prenzlauerberg to Mitte. (Yes, that’s the name of the district, simply „Middle“.)
Berlin Weinmeisterstr. U Bahn
The Underground station with an interesting exhibition.
Berlin Weinmeisterstr. U Bahn 2

More about "Mitte" tomorrow.

Btw: Today, August 13, 2011, 50 years ago my grandfather was waking up, went to his little shop and can't believe it. The bridge he lived by ended at a wall, that hasn't been there the night before.
The Berlin Wall.


  1. Fantastic photos!
    Love all the art on the walls :]

  2. Wonderful photos. I've never been to Berlin.
    I'm considering joining your paper exchange project. Just need to decide if I can make the commitment.

  3. I really enjoyed looking at all of your photos, especially all of that interesting street art. I LOVE how you describe your grandfather's experience of the Berlin Wall...incredible!

  4. My hubbie is going to Berlin next month. Thanks for the tips on what he might go visit. :)

  5. Having never been to Berlin I really appreciate tagging along with you. And your ending note about your grandfather...very powerful.

  6. more fantastic photos...super to see!


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