Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miss Leah Jodd's companion

This is another Etsyfind bought to use in my collages. Well, I never learn. When I hold this in my hand, I feel this is a world of its own, something which once was the companion of a young girl or a woman and I cannot tear it to pieces.
Old Webster 1

Old Webster 2
Miss Leah Jodd must have been obsessed with the number 568, it's written all over in the book. Was it her darling's telephone number?
Nice to see, that her child later has used this book for some scribbles.
Old Webster 3
Old Webster 4
Time has turned this book into a work of art.
Old Webster 5
And it's also filled with so much usefull informations like how to write a letter, antidotes for poison, health hints, safety rules for pedestrians, Etiquette, even golden rules of sociability:
"Do you best and rejoice with him who can do better."
"Thank God for every uplifting wave..."
I love it! Miss Leah Jodd, wherever you are now, it's in good hands. ;)


  1. Miss Leah Jodd's (or could it be Todd?) book is in loving hands. What a treasure. I love the line on the title page: "thoroughly reliable throughout." Who these days can say THAT?

  2. I do the same thing. I buy old books, magazines, maps, and atlases with the intention of using them in collage. But most of the time, I can't bear to destroy them once I get them home.

  3. i would not either, FM. That is very special!!! I must admit, I have the same problem myself!
    Hugs, Suz

    P.S. Just remembered I forgot to verify...can't do the next swap. We will be in France!

  4. Great find! How strange about the number appearing throughout.


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