Sunday, August 28, 2011

Happy memories of a bluestocking (in the making)

I have got this photoalbum from 1919. Three women with male names make me want to bring them into my collages.
Jack, Billy and Bob

It's Jack's turn now. I found she had the perfect look of a "bluestocking", I don't know if this word is still in use. In Germany it's just the same "Blaustrumpf", an educated woman, a woman who puts learning and knowlegde first.
A new one is about to begin
Based on vintage school books (always a good grounding) the book develops itself. The title came very immediately, when I looked at Jack's picture for a while.
So I was working my way up. No real intentions, only going with the flow.
The work goes on
The sepia ink is such a nice thing to work with.
Working through a rainy day
It's a rainy day and it's nice to stay inside, listen to good music and just puzzle around with the scraps and cuttings.
Two pages nearly done 1
The first two (double)pages are nearly done.
Two pages nearly done 2


  1. I love the use of text in these collages. Enjoy your rainy day.
    We have sun and fresh air today so I have to get out, maybe with my camera.

  2. WONDERFUL little book! the texture of the pages is lovely, and the vintage photos of the 'girls' intriguing. cute little tin for your scraps, to...


So glad to hear from you!


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