Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I am quite addicted to Collages these days. I remember having done this as a child a lot too. It was with starting the "wreck this journal" thing I came back to it.
Provided with so many lovely papers from paper swap it's a real pleasure.

I've made some Collage Mini Books and also a "Junk Journal", a good exercise in letting go of perfection.

I am at it again 4

I am at it again3

I am at it again 5

The collage Mini Book 4 Inside 10

The whole Collage Mini Book 4

Junk Journal 1

Junk Journal 2


  1. Beautiful work, FM. I wish I could do it as naturally as you seem to. They are really enticing!
    Thanks for my terrific partner. I am going to try to call her when we are at the Toulouse airport!

  2. Beautiful collages! You have been very busy - I love seeing how and where your work, too! I must get back to collage making soon!

  3. Little works of art!! Love them!

  4. You inspire me to let go and have fun!

  5. I LOVE looking at your journals.....

  6. These are all sensational. You are a natural at collage.

  7. Love your collages! So many great elements to look at and enjoy.

  8. I love the colors and the all vintage pieces..very beautiful FM!

  9. Oh my... such yummy pages!
    Really enjoy looking at your collage work :]

  10. JunkJournals are great fun. There's now a (pricey) journal "kit" offered for sale here in the US called "Smashbox" that advertises the journal as a "junk drawer." To me it seems nuts to spend money on a kit and lose the fun of making one's own, but that's marketing for you, I guess!

  11. Awesome collages, I like to do art zines where I use
    collages also, yours are so detailed, How do you do it.


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