Saturday, August 20, 2011

Art is long, life is short

The secret of art is: make as much as you can. Even if it all seems to be nonsense, good for nothing, not new at all, carry on.
It's never too late for a happy childhood! ;) And: Everybody's got the right to make a fool of him/herself!

Small envelope

Experiment Mini Book 1

Experiment Mini Book 2

Experiment Mini Book 3

Experiment Mini Book 4

Because I don't want to use the original, I started with copies, but it's not the same.
Collage Mini Book 8 Cover

Collage Mini Book 8 middle 1
I love that "Sepia" und "Walnut stain" ink, I am using, it makes the paper look really old.

Collage Mini Book 8 middle 2
Isn't that a great sentence? Art is long, life is short.

My friend Videbitis works in a library, he's sent me tons of old library cards and as a "thankyou" I made this little "Nonsense"-Book called "good for nothing" from these cards, it was great fun.
Nixnutz Büchlein Seite 2+3

Nixnutz Büchlein Seite 12+13

Nixnutz Büchlein Seite 14+15


  1. What a great saying. I like your encouragement to make as much art as possible even if it seems like nonsense. That's very good advice!

  2. Oh, I love these, FM. You make me want to make art!!!


  3. Wonderful colours! Love your inking and sewing! I really enjoy your work!

  4. I really like your library card book...those cards are hard to come by these days! I love the idea that it's never too late for a happy's never too late to play like a child when you enjoy making art!

  5. These pages look fabulous, FM. So carefree in spirit.

  6. I'm in love with everything. You make me want to start making art myself!


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