Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It was a sunny day today and my studio glowed in a warm light. I hope my creativity will come back in spring. My studio on a sunny day
There is so much green outside, because it’s much too warm here. I saw a dandelion today! Yellow, ready to bloom. Very strange. It’s January.
Spring green yarn
Looking forward to the fresh greens of spring.
Sage in sunlight
It’s amazing how sunlight makes everything look so warm.
My creativity is still in my kitchen, it’s sounds terrible, like a Stepford wife, but it’s true! I really love these days, when there is no other obligation as to prepare good (slow) food, walk the dogs, keep the fire burning and write a blog and a journal.
Selfmade rye/spelt bread
I tried a buttermilk-rye bread from the “Super natural every day” book by Heidi Swanson. You should browse thru her blog, so much inspiration for good natural food. The bread is easy to make and very tasty.
And I’ve made a nice fennel-celery-coconutchip pan with bulgur today.
Fennel & Celery
For 2: Cook 1 big cup of bulgur (you can also use rice or couscous).
Toast coconut flakes (the bigger ones) in a pan and set them aside after getting light brown. Then wash, trim and slice a medium size fennel, celery, leek (or onions), a bit garlic and fry it with a good oil. Add herbs, pepper, salt and shoyu. Try and if it’s done, add the bulgur and the coconut chips and serve hot.
Bulgur with fennel, celery and coconut chips
More kitchen stories are soon to come…enjoy your day…


  1. your studio walls are beautiful. i wish i could have a slice of that bread - yum!

  2. Your studio is such a lovely color! And such an inspiring display shelf. I hope you are "feeling it" soon!

  3. ummm delicious and oh so tempting...the crust on your bread is gorgeous!

    and the glow of your sun warms me from across the ocean...

    there are so many ways to be creative and I see that creativity is in every step you take dear one


  4. Happy New Year FM! How gorgeous is the colour in your studio? One couldn’t be anything but happy and creative - such warmth. May your muse bring you much inspiration in Spring.

  5. It is bleak and cold and rainy here today... January...we are usually experiencing heat waves and total fire ban days. Instead we are in our jumpers and wondering if we might light a fire tonight???

    Beautiful studio you have FM. Must be lovely to create with the sunshine streaming in.

    Yummy food.

    Jacky xox


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