Tuesday, January 17, 2012

body art made by accident

body art, just by accident (haha)

what it takes to make it :
one slippery stairway
slippery shoes will help too
and a really hard fall
warning:it's very painful, but the colours are gorgeous...

so this is to explain why I'm not here at the moment...


  1. OUCH. Take good care of yourself!

  2. that looks very painful!:( Feel better soon!

  3. oh, owwwww! i have had similarly fascinating / horrible bruises on my own bod. i hope you have plenty of advil and get yourself some rest.

  4. Yikes! What a bruise! Hope you become less colorful soon!

  5. Ouch!!! Not a great way to "create" art!!! (Although the shades of purple and green do give a certain "feel" to the work....)

  6. OH my, slippery socks on the stairs will give a similar result... only on the backside. I know! Hope your "owie" is better. Hugs. bb

  7. Ohhh ... so sorry about your fall and your bruises. I hope you recover quickly and are not in a lot of pain. Another way to go about getting some body art is wearing the wrong shoes across early morning black ice ... it create huge bruises on your legs and you can get a nasty concussion too :(
    Sending a hug and hope you are better soon! Susanne

  8. Ouch is right. I do hope you are healing and feeling better by now. We should all try to keep out art to paper and canvas!

  9. Franca Maria! I just learned of your fall. Time is your friend right now and it sounds like you are friends with it. Take good care and I am sending my best wishes to you.
    *smiles* Norma


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