Thursday, January 12, 2012

The natural touch

Kitchen tenet 1

Join me in my kitchen. Ok, only the virtual way, but...

Küchenansichten 2
Bliss. Joy.

Apfelwein zum Essen

My breakfast

Küchenansichten 3

I got carried away...

Question: What is it you always have in your pantry or fridge? (Apart from sugar, flour, salt etc.)
Me: Shoyu, sunflower kennels, tomatoes (fresh and dried), lemons, cream cheese, garlic, fleur de sel.
When I think of a “Wabi Sabi” feeling, I often think of the film „Die große Stille“ („In great silence“) by Philip Gröning. It shows the insight of the “Grand Chartreuse”, the head monastery of the reclusive Carthusian Order in France.
The pictures are so beautiful.
The monks live together in –what they call- a gleefull seclusion. I often wonder what it must be like to live this way. I think most of the time my life is much closer to that lifestyle than to the mainstream lifestyle in big cities.



  1. Hmmm....the idea of gleeful seclusion does sound nice...if only for a little while. I have that in a way where I live now...but not the seclusion the monks have...

    My kitchen is not as inviting as yours...I need to work on this!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics....very inspiring!!!

  2. Gleeful seclusion - love it. In the winter between terms I like seclusion, it gives me the energy to share with my students when school begins. Loving these glimpses into your life - thanks for sharing

  3. i think i would love that kind of seclusion... until i started to drive myself crazy! your kitchen looks so warm and homey. i always have to have tomatoes, half and half, noodle soup, and pepper in my pantry.


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