Friday, February 3, 2012

Slow life

I lead a slow life. Slow and silent. I stay away from crowds, cities, rushing.
Now I am leading an even more slow life than ever. My wrist isn't ok after 3 weeks, it takes a lot of patience to heal.
Meanwhile I am enjoying the slow mo of my daily routine. The talking with my daughter, who asks me thought provoking life questions all the time. The slow food, reading, thinking.
Dinner with doe
What I thought this morning was:

We need more

It's chilly and windy and we have a bit of snow.
The birds are hungry. We have to feed them twice a day.
Wohin die Reise geht
There are always messages from our soul
to let us know where the journey leads to.
From my desk

As the light comes back with the imbolc day (Brigid, 2-2), the longing for spring grows.
Longing for spring

I have started a new blog on Tumblr: "Wise women and mentors".
Wise women and mentors
Come over and get inspired!


  1. I am curious as to how old your daughter is. There is something delightful about a slow and quiet life. Mine isn't exactly hectic, but it is certainly high volume with 3- and 4-year old daughters. Your photos reflect a certain quiet and peace. I hope that your wrist heals soon.

  2. take care dear one
    sorry to hear your wrist is giving you trouble

    the slow life appeals to me too
    there are days when I do not go anywhere ... there is so much to amuse me here at home

    heart filled
    dear LaWendula

    it looks very special in your world!

    off to check out your Tumblr
    Senden Heilung w√ľnscht Ihren Weg immer <3


So glad to hear from you!


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