Sunday, February 5, 2012


Walking the dogs this morning
Winter is here now. We had -23°C last night. This is very cold for Germany. Now it's -16°, but the sun is out and everything looks so enchanting.

Pink and blue
We pretend it is spring in our kitchen.
This is Svea making some tea.
Svea is making tea
And from breakfast we slowly move on to dinner. I tried violet potatoes for the first time. It looks like I am cooking stones.
Cooking stones?
But in the end they make a yummy soufflé.
Lovely potatoe soufflé
I love those violet potatoes

Believe it or not, although lefthanded most of the times, I have made some journaling and collaging and it did cheer me up (as art always does).
9 wtj Now in the garden
9 wtj Metaphors
9 wtj Das Blau unserer Seele
9 wtj 22.1.12


  1. ~wishing you warmth amongst the chilly but gorgeous wintry white that has fallen upon you...your collage pages are wonderful...thank you for well and much love light and blessings~

  2. Brr...!!! That is cold! And I thought you were cooking stones at first too. Your artwork, as usual, is stunning.

  3. your potato dish looks delicious and comforting. stay warm! and keep arting. :-)

  4. Wonderful photos, I enjoyed them all! Yes! I thought you were cooking stones too ... your potato dish looks so good! Sending warm wishes.

  5. Lovely photos. I hope you stay warm.

  6. The journal pages are beautiful. I like how you use washes and are those water soluble crayons?
    I am sorry it is so miserably cold where you are. Usually it is pretty cold this time of year where we live in Eastern Washington State, USA but it has been unseasonably warm this year. I took a walk today and had to take my coat off, I was so warm. We need the snow though. The mountains are bare which will not be good this spring.
    I've been following your blog for a few months now. I love your collages and artistic spirit!

  7. nice to see the pages in your journal! A chill ran through me just LOOKING at those photos, but thank goodness for hot tea. I love the open storage in your kitchen.

  8. A lovely post. The snow looks beautiful, but too cold for me. Those are extraordinary potatoes!

  9. Beautiful!! The snow, the potatoes, your journal pages!!! Very nice, indeed!!

  10. Thanks for your response on my blog. I am curious, how do you make the mosaics that I have seen in previous posts? It is a nice way to be concise in a blog post.
    be well,

    1. I am using the Flickr Mosaic Maker and just follow my intuition, the pictures do find me, not I am finding them. I am really addicted to mosaics. You can see them all here:

  11. Your pages are beautiful and they tell a story,that's what i love in your work.


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