Tuesday, February 7, 2012



I am very grateful these days. Because I have people who are listening to me, who find that my stories are worth telling, they share my thoughts and feelings, share my daily life. Although they may be far away from me, I know they are there.
What would I be without the net, the internet? I don't know...

White Goddesses
Winter goes on, the cold has everything in its grip.
Woolbaskets in snow
But there is so much beauty all around.
Earth tones

When I was a child, eating was a real horror for me. Being something like a natural vegetarian (I never ate meat), landed in a family of meat-worshippers (two Berlins who have hungered in their early childhoods), every lunch was a nightmare for me.
Cooking was so different, when I was a child: mashed potatoes and over-cooked vegetables and meat meat meat. The only spices were salt, pepper, dill and parsley.
Fresh from the oven 2
So glad this has changed now. Discovering what food can be nowadays is a real bliss. I read, that no other nation than the Germans are willing to cook so many dishes from other countries. I read that e.g. the Japanese most of the time eat food their grandparents ate too. But we are eating totally different things now. The "Sauerkraut"-days are gone. Thank Goddess!
I miss cooking and slow food

Food quote

I have founded a new Flickr group "Aware of life", it's about living life on purpose, celebrating the seasons, eating slow food, raising kids, listen to nature, greeting life's ups and downs, being aware of who you are, seeing the beauty in small things.
Maybe you like to browse or better (if you are on Flickr) join in.


  1. Such a lovely idea for a Flickr group, and such inspiring photos. I agree with you that the Internet has opened up so many valuable online relationships. I am interested to read about your changing relationship with food...I can only imagine how uncomfortable meals must have been for you as a child! I can certainly understand why you take such pleasure now in preparing meals that suit your fancy.

    1. Yes it's strange how things sometimes change for us. I really hated handcrafting when I was younger, knitting was a nightmare, but later on and teaching it to me by myself, I get to love it.
      Same with food. Since vegetarian dishes are well-known und became more common, my life has become easier.

  2. I love sharing in your life over such a distance! And I am grateful for all the joy you bring into mine. Your food looks delicious - and it is making me hungry - I'd better go find some breakfast!

    1. Thank you so much, Deb, I really appreciate that!

  3. I wanted to honor you & your blog a little bit by passing along the Liebster Blog Award, but do not feel any obligation to participate. But if you want to, that would be wonderful! I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your voice out here in blogland. I am working on the post now and it should be up in a few minutes.


    1. This is so very nice of you, Christi, but no awards please! (I will tell you why: Like the rice grains on a chessboard this will explode immediately and soon everyone has the same award on her/his blog.)
      But I am very thankful that you are thinking of honoring me! :)


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