Monday, July 2, 2012

Those summer days

 Sun Mandala
I love summer, I really do. It's such a easy-going time for me, walking barefoot, enjoying the sound of the trees, the birds, the bees, the cornfield with its beautiful poppies and cornflowers.
 The street on a summer morning
And most of all I enjoy working in the garden.
Starting Collage work in the morning.
Collage morning
And finishing it in the afternoon.
Collage afternoon
Here are some more journal pages, I've worked on lately.
 11 wtj to see a rainbow every time it rains
11 wtj the way of a happier life

11 wtj write one word

When I am not working on my journal, I am spinning and knitting, e.g. little pixie bags.

Another one

(You can buy this one on Etsy)

Or I am just enjoying family life.



  1. I love summer as well...said from the depths of winter. :). I think I recognise a Wreck this Journal which reminds me I need to dig mine out and finish it. And I love your pixie bag. The colours are gorgeous.

  2. A lovely, rounded life. Pixie bags...cute... but I really like your complex journal pages...lots to see.

  3. I really like the page with the words "immerse yourself in another world". So beautiful! :)

  4. Great photo of the sunshine coming through the tree. As always, loving your journal pages...beautiful! Your pixie bags are adorable. Keep enjoying these lovely summer days!

  5. thanks for some beautiful summer pictures from your part of the world. i love summer, too! how can we make it last a bit longer?

  6. What a wonderful post. The beauty of the season and of your creations shines through!!!

  7. It all looks and sounds lovely!

  8. Love your summer days in the garden very much...
    in the US we also call Cornflowers, Bachelor's Buttons (why? I do not know :)
    your field of those is like heaven with the beautiful red mohnblumen too = wowee!

    The German name for Cosmos is fantastic = Schmuckkörbchen ... Love that

    Some of my favorite wild summer flowers here in Virginia are Blue Chicory and lacey white Queen Anne's Lace

    your precious pixie bags look like they would make cute hats too ;)

    going barefoot is just one of the things I will miss about summer takes me awhile to get back in socks, but I do enjoy wearing more other pieces of clothing



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