Friday, July 27, 2012

A day in the garden

Ein Tag im Garten (A day
in the garden)
I cannot say how much I enjoy these summer days.
The fullness, the warmth, the sun, going barefoot, sitting outside til night falls…
"Ein Tag im Garten" means "A day in the garden", it's a lovely children's book.

My fav flowers in the garden are cosmeas, so wonderful their name, so wonderful their bloom, delicate and soft.
In Germany they are called „Schmuckkörbchen“ (little basket of jewels). They bloom til December in good years.
My fav

And you can harvest so many herbs these days. I love their colours and fragrances in my salad.

Our dog is a bit deaf now (he is 14 and a half now), today he nearly missed the morning walk. I took this picture of him running with his ears blowing in the wind. A cutie.
Unser Füchschen/ Our
little fox
What do we learn from dogs? Love. Unconditional love. The dog always loves you, even if you are not nice to him. No wonder DOG is GOD in reverse.

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