Friday, March 30, 2012

A trip to Berlin (1) Going from Hermannplatz to Kottbusser Tor

LaWendula on the move…Yesterday I visited my hometown Berlin. It was windy, wet and grey, no good weather for photos. I decided to take a trip on the U1, the line 1, a famous highline that runs thru Kreuzberg. There is a song about the stations of the U1. But first I am at the station „Hermannplatz“, which was once called the most dangerous station in Berlin. It’s not true. In fact it’s quite harmless. This kind of swimming hall architecture many Berlin underground stations have, it’s kind of nice, I think. A vintage feeling. P1130854 To get to line 1, first I have to drive to „Möckernbrücke“, it really is a bridge over the Landwehrkanal. P1130858 Swimmingpool feelin‘ again! P1130862 I change trains and get high. ;) Line 1 is a high line most of the times. I take the train to “Warschauerstrasse” which is the end of line 1. The windows of the trains are covered with little Brandenburg Gates to keep folks from “scratching”. The little boy kept talking about the Spreewald, a forest area in the south of Berlin. P1130864 Getting of at „Kottbusser Tor“, I am in the middle of the real Kreuzberg, the famous SO36, where I lived as a child. P1130868 It’s grey, dreary, colourful, noisy and never seems to change. P1130870 Is someone getting a photo taken? No, just using the photo booth as a small hideaway for drinking his daily dose of spirit. My little photo eye is always searching for art in small corners, where no-one’s expecting it. P1130871 P1130877 P1130872 The most ugly building in Kreuzberg and not even the pink paint will do. This is a bookstore I like. P1130884 I have found many a bargain inside. There is also a gallery in the backyard. The actual exhibition is called “in other words” and is about translations. P1130887 I loved that and listened to the foreign sounds for a while. Translation To be continued…


  1. love the new look on your blog, FM... and sweetie, when you say, in english that you "change trains and get high" it means to us that you are taking drugs... lol... I don't think you meant to say that did you? you probably meant that you are elevated in some way?? xox

  2. Love that new look too, although, I have to cut the sizes of all my Flickr pix. I am fully aware of that, dear Cat, "high werden" is an expression that is used by Germans since 1968 too. It was a word game, referring to the highline, hence the ;), because in Xberg has been a big drug scene, I don't know if it still is. zu

  3. There is something special about living in a more "rural" environment and yet being from an urban one. When you go back to visit and bring your inspiration home, it's like the best of both worlds!

  4. Thanks, Mad Madge, yes, you are right.


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