Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paper Swap (Past and future)

I am looking back on more than a year paper swaping all around the world! It all started in fall 2009, when I wanted to make a project, that was both simple and thrilling. And I thought, it must be nice to exchange papers with people from other countries, because something most artists have in common is that they need paper, the basic for all kind of creativity.
And it worked out fine, people were (are!) generous, made contact, exchanged in huge amounts, some have won friends for a lifetime, some have come out of the closet, some have been in it only once, some became real paper swap addicts. And they all did a very good job!

So here we are with our paper swap #14 to come!
And this is a look back on the past swaps.

It was:

Paper Swap in October 2009
Tags in November 2009
Cards in January 2010
paper Swap Cards Alice
Crazy Swap in February 2010
ABC and numbers in March
Mini Books in April
Paper Swap April
Colors in May
Art failures in June
Then we had a summer break
Vintage in September
paper swap vintage1
Embellishment in October
Mail and postage in November
Wrapping and boxes in December
Fresh start in January 2011
And the next will be Magazines and newspapers in February

Followed by

Scavenger hunt (a very special one) on March, 7 2011

Scripts & Scribbles: doodles, scribbles, lettering, handwriting on April, 4 2011

Paper back swap (another special one) in May 2011

Culture and events (flyers, (event-)postcards, brochures, guides, invitations etc.) in June 2011

Juli/August: Paper Swap holiday (no swaps during that time)

In September 2011: Wild at art (express yourself on paper without censoring)

In October 2011: Every day papers (collect your every day stuff: grocery lists, bills, receits)

In November 2011: Circles, spots and dots

And December 2011: Signs, pictogramms, symbols

(Changes may be likely)

And if YOU want to be a part of it, just sign in at


  1. oh, yes, I'm one of those paper swap addicts. ;)
    I took part in every edition and I must say it's one of those things I really look forward to every month.
    and it's not only new paper goodies to play with that make me participate.
    I found friends, new inspiration, I opened my eyes to new ideas and possibilites.
    I also learned how to fight my inner critic and how to overcome my limitations.
    thank you for this. as I once said - you make the/my world a better place. :)

  2. ...und da fällt mir auf, das ich schon ewig nicht mehr dabei war! Würd gern mal wieder mitmachen, Zeitungen und Zeitschriften hört sich gut an.

    Please sign me in! ;)

  3. Ohhh, I see more than a few that I'll be able to join in on. Great job!!

  4. Oooooh! I'd love to participate in one of your swaps. I have oodles of vintage things to share. I tried to get in on one last year but think I must've been too late.

    It was so fun to see your past swaps and really fun to see the box below that has found it's way back to you. What a cool, cool project you came up with!

  5. The paper swap is like Christmas for me. I save the packages until I have time to open them slowly and enjoy each piece for a few moments. The collage papers arrived Saturday and how wonderful for me because I feel on the ice/snow and hurt my back and was stuck on the couch. Thank you for organizing such a great experience, you are such a creative blessing, best & blessings from a very cold and snow USA

  6. This is a nice idea. I'm in.
    I'm participating in another project called mailart365 where I have to do a piece of art every day, usually postcard size, and mail it using postal services to friends or strangers. I'll put some of my art along with the paper in the post for whoever my partner will be.

  7. Just found out about this via Serindipity and can not wait to become a part of it...cound me in

  8. Hello, my dear.
    Do you have me down for February?


So glad to hear from you!


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