Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The collage box has landed!

The Collage Box
It’s done, the collage box #1 has arrived safe and sound at my home again.

Do you remember? It was in February 2010 when I sent a box with 144 snippets all around the world to 28 different participants. It went from Germany to Poland, then to the Netherlands, France, the UK, flew over to USA, travelled through different states there and landed in Canada, then take another flight over to Australia (got stuck there, but not lost!) and travelled to New Zealand and arrived here at my home yesterday.
This is what I have sent at the beginning:
Inhalt der Collage Box 1
Inhalt 2
Inhalt 3

And here are the things what were in the box at the end, when it came back from Lisa (New Zealand), 220 items!!!
The collage box 1 (what has come back)

And this is what is left from the original snippets I have sent:

Inside was a little „sign in“ book, and all participants made this a real object of art too!
Sign in 2
Sign in 1
Sign in 3
Sign in 4

So a big thankyou goes out to everyone, who has been a part of this project, you really made this a wonderful experience with sending it on so quickly (and ignoring the high costs some of you had!) and filling it up with such lovely treasures!
Thank you Imke, Mosi, Anne, Eliza, Lien, Carine, Jill, Judy, Seth, Deb, Laura, Tammy, Pat, Kavindra, Patty, Joy, Mary-Jo, Lois, Kay, Candy, Janet, Shelley, Brandi, Robert, Lee, Sue, Jacky and Lisa.
To give you something back in return, I have used a random calculator to choose a number from all the participants. And it’s #10=Deb Eck from the USA who has won a little price: 144 items from the collage box and some papers for more collages and artwork to do! Hope you will enjoy!

You can read more about the whole project on my (old) blog.

And I would like to show your work, your collages, what has become of it. Please send me your pictures or bloglinks (if you haven’t done it yet). I really appreciate.

Ongoing are still Box #2 and #3. And maybe there will be a #4 in the future. One never knows....


  1. ~lawendula...thank you for creating such a wonderful adventure for us all to partake in...i had a lot of fun participating and do hope it will happen again!!! so many wonderful bits were gifted and recieved...happy creating... much love light and blessings be with you and yours~

  2. woot!! I have finally won something and how funny! I was just looking at the picture of all the stuff that came back and was filling up with envy for all the fun you would be able to have with it... anf then, wow! now I find out it will be mine :) that's so cool!! awesome!!

  3. I'm so happy to be part of this project.
    my Collage Box journal spread was absolutely magical - it made "itself" and it still is one of my favorite works. :)
    thank you for being there.
    thank you for being YOU.

  4. this sounds so amazing!
    how does someone get involved in one of these projects? do you do them throughout the year, or just at the beginning of each year? i would love to participate.

  5. Wow! What a wonderful and amazing journey this has been! Thanks, FM, for providing the venue for all of us to participate in this worldwide art experience, and congratulations to Deb, the end-of-the-line Collage Box #1 winner!

  6. Wow- so wonderful to see the box's full journey around the world. What a creative and spirited idea. Just love those eggs and the pictures you've shared. Happy 2011 and hoping the new year is just magical for yoU! hugs

  7. I love this. I can't wait to get my collage box! Thanks so much for doing this. It is a gift to all of us!

  8. Oh, I can hardly wait for # 3 to hit my mailbox. I think that I'm close to the end, so it may take a while. I'll just spend my time dreaming and anticipating. LOL!

  9. Thanks FM for coming up with such a unique and fun project. I really enjoyed being part of it!!

  10. What a thrill to see the first Collage Box come full circle...it is such a brilliant concept FM

    It was such fun for me to be a part of this...many thanks to you for inspiring and joining so many together in art and blogland!

    Happiest of New Year's to you Dear One!


  11. Sooo awesome! Falls du mal wieder einen Collage Box Swap organisierst, lass es mich wissen :P

    1. Sehr unwahrscheinlich, ich hab 4 gemacht, 2 Boxen gingen verloren.
      Aber ich habe immer noch paper swap, it's great fun!


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