Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily inspiration 9.11.10

Memories: Berlin Wall
Wall(s) of Berlin: The narrow door

That’s me as a small child, near Berlin wall. The sign in the back says „You are leaving the american sector“. It was close to the wall, behind me.
21 years ago (and about 20 years after this photo was made)on November, 9 1989, the border was opened and Berlin Wall fell.
You are leaving the american sector

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Art inspiration: Kay Sekimachi
SVMA's Life of Making: Kay Sekimachi

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  1. Great foto of you at the Wall!! love the shot with the sun coming through that wrought iron gate too..very moving.....I went up to Berlin 3 months after the wall was open and every super market had so many empty shelves and all the natives were complaining as they had to drive further to do their shopping as they could not stock the shelves fast enough in Berlin and then we went over and "chopped" out chunks of the wall which still sit here on my shelves today.

  2. It is hard to believe it was 21 years ago the wall came down - one of those news moments I will always remember having grown up with stories of brave people attempting to cross the divide.


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