Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daily inspiration 11-30 2010

Art: Rosalie Gascoigne

Scrub country, 1982 (detail)

All that jazz, 1989 (detail)

Beach House, 1990 (detail)

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Art project: One kind word
Love Poster


Poster by Aijung Kim (please click on pic to see more)

Music: Es kommt ein Schiff geladen (Old German Christmas Carol)


A ship is coming laden,
And rich indeed her hoard;
The Son of God the Father
And his eternal Word.

The ships sails soft, her burden
Of price all measure past:
Her mainsail, it is charity,
The Holy Ghost the mast.

The ship has dropped her anchor,
Is safely come to land;
Th' eternal Word in likeness
Of man on earth doth stand.

In Bethlehem of Judah
A child to us is born;
Sing praises ever unto him
Who saves a world forlorn.

Whoever would embrace him
With joy and holy kiss
Must share with him the Passion
Through which he comes to bliss.

Be with him in his dying,
His resurrection know,
Eternal life inherit
That he comes to bestow.

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  1. Great art! Rosalie Gascoigne is one of my favourite artists.


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