Friday, July 4, 2014


I must let myself fall
Into the chaos of the city
Be flexible or I will break

Riding on some London Underground train again
Southbound, the black line
That cuts the city from North to South
Reminder of death and life
Of love and letting go
I can hear a gigantic breathing as it moves on
Through the darkness

And closing my eyes
I suddenly knew
That London is nothing but a huge organism
Breathing in and out
And me I am nothing but a cell
In the Underground veins
Connected forever to all the other cells
Of the huge warm body we are living in
No boundaries
No need for panic
No division

I can feel all the hearts
Beating as one
All the souls
With more or less the same wishes
Being loved for what we are
Not what we should be
Being plain and extraordinary
At the same time

Just letting go
Falling into the natural flow of the blood
Running through the urban veins
Till I see the daylight again
Oval shaped womanly
loving and loved
Endlessly by all the other cells

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