Tuesday, November 5, 2013

10 things that will make you happy when you are in London

Enjoy London
1. Sit in Victoria Embankment Gardens near to the memorial of Robert Burns and enjoy the plane trees and a cup of tea (Embankment) Robert Burns in Victoria Embankment Gardens

2. Take a boat from The Tate Gallery to the Tate modern

3. Take a ride on the old Routemaster Buses

4. Listen to the old “Mind the gap” announcement on Embankment Station

5. Visit Oval Station for good music and “The thoughts of the day” Oval Station
6. Buy postcards of old London Underground posters at the London Transport Museum (Covent Garden) Covent garden LTM

7. Visit the “Music and goods exchange” store on Pembridge Rd, W11 (Nottinghill Gate) and browse through the art magazines

 8. Listen to the goof announcements on the website of Emma Clarke (she is the “voice” of the Underground)

 9. Walk from Tate Modern over the Millenium Bridge to St. Paul’s

10. Walk from Putney Bridge Station down to the Thames Thames Path

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