Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In the woods

Standing in the woods. Grounded Now in May, it’s wonderful, the tender green of the birches, the rushing silence of the spruces and bird songs everywhere. MV Wald 1 Beauty all around. Forest beauties I am walking the dog, gathering sticks and twigs. We do not have much forests in this part of Germany, so being in the woods is more or less a seldom event for me. MV Wald 2 Later that day, I am making my typicals little „spools“ out of the sticks and twigs I have collected. Collection They are grinded and treated with oil and wax. The colours of sand, wood, stone, ashes and honey. I am madly in love with earth colours these days. The colours of stick, stone, sand, ashes and honey Some sticks carry magic signs and pictures under their bark. Do you see the centaur? Magic wood (the centaur ) Sometimes funny things came up, like this little garden marker gnome. The herb gnome

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