Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter days, Mini books and a special box

 Winter is going on. We have some snow again.
Winter is back

So one enjoys staying inside.
 Sunday breakfast
Cosy, cosy, cosy....

Svea is 11 years now! Time flies...
 The window of her selfmade hut

 Svea drawing before breakfast
She spends most of her time drawing.

Svea's drawing "The crystal houses"

I am working on Mini books most of the times. And mini means matchbox size.

 Some of them are called "Kvinna books". Kvinna is the swedish word for "Woman", which I find very inspiring, because it sounds so close to Queen.
Making Kvinna mini books

Mini books Kvinna

So happy to find the collage box #4 in my weekend mail!
The box is back!

What was in the box when it came back to me

It has travelled all around the world from October 2011-January 2013.
You can read the whole story here.

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  1. Svea is growing into such a lovely young woman.It is snowing here too - time to hibernate in the studio with some projects! I love your mini books - I always DO love your collage work. Stay warm - best wishes - Deb


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