Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In our heads- a sister piece

My dear friend and art sister Eliza has made this wonderful double page around the theme "What's in your head".
what's in my head?

I decided to make a sister piece to it, with what's in my head.
8 wtj In my head

Please click on pix to see the translation.

More lovely art works on that topic are to be seen here.


  1. it's one of my favourite feelings in my blog adventure - to know that I inspired someone else to create something special.
    thank you, darling Sister.

  2. These are so beautiful. What a wonderful idea!

  3. Both pieces are wonderful. I love the fact that you not only were inspired by the pages but that you then created something from that inspiration!

  4. You two are so special and so talented...I Love that I came to visit and find you and Eliza inspiring ones another....making me think "what is in my head"!!!

  5. Wonderful- what a great collaboration that didn't originate as one! Being inspired by someone's art - to then make something from it -is such a gift! What great works both individually and together!! Thanks so much for sharing them with us The theme is brilliant!

  6. Both these collages are very beautiful!
    What wonderful art journals :]
    Very inspiring... thank you for sharing.


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