Saturday, April 2, 2011

Paper Swap News

So the gates have closed for the April Swap, thank you everyone who has come to play along.
E-mails with all informations are on the way!

Paperback Swap
And we're heading for a new swap in May, a special one: the paperback swap.
It can be your favorite novel, a book with poems or just any other book you like and you want to share with someone. It also can be your own book, if you have published one. (Zines are also possible)
It does not have to be a new one, but it has to be in a good condition.
Please write a few words, why you like this book.

You can sign up now, it will start on May, 2 2011.
If you do, please let me know, if you want to receive a paper back only in English or if you may like one in another language.
If possible, I will consider this.

You can sign in now:

And for all participants of the March Swap "The Scavenger hunt": Please give me feedback, send me pictures of the exchanged items or your blogposting about it.
I really want to know, how was it going? Was it hard to do? Was it fun?

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