Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shades of brown, signs of decay

Did some photographing in my garden today, I love all these shades of brown, light green and papergrey there are.

Garden Wabi Sabi 10

Garden Wabi Sabi 8

Garden Wabi Sabi 3

Garden Wabi Sabi 1

Garden Wabi Sabi5

Garden Wabi Sabi 12

Decay everywhere, but who cares. Perfection is boring. Wabi Sabi is inspiring.
Garden Wabi Sabi 11

Garden Wabi Sabi 9

The Wabi Sabi Garden: shades of brown, signs of decay

Nature tones

8 wtj Grrr...


  1. Hi! Love your shades of brown post and seeing the shots of your garden! Beautiful poem on those wonderful swatches of color. Are those items along side the paint swatches from your garden?
    Think I told you- but just wanted to confirm that I'll be looking forward to participating in your April paper swap!!hugs

  2. this is exactly what I meant on flickr today: it's so inspiring to learn from you to spot beauty around us.


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